Principal's Message

By education, I mean all round drawing out of the best in child and man’s body, mind and spirit.

Intelligence is not hereditary neither in born nor innate. It is directly influenced by proper nursing and careful handling of the child. We believe that the development of initiative and self reliance can only be encouraged in an atmosphere of trust and structured freedom. Thus, for the total personality development of children, parents, & guardians play greater role in comparison to teachers: We teachers are always cautious and alert in imparting proper training and coaching to our students. But, guardian’s awareness is a must to upto date their knowledge and to remove misconceptions.

We must endeavour together sharing each others responsibilities as and when required to achieve our goal and to inculcate in the child a habit which would surely result in child’s all round development.

At last , I would like to repeat a great man’s saying –

“The gift of knowledge is more than the gift of food and clothes.”

It is even more than giving life to a person because the real life consists of knowledge.