The curriculum is based on CBSE’s latest guidelines. Apart from planned and time-bound course knowledge, we inculcate in our standard curriculum, motor and communicational skills, etiquette mannerism, truth, honesty, bravery and compassion by various ways. The promotion of a student to the next higher class is based on performance. The progress report includes other achievements too. Secondary Curriculum provides students a broad and balanced understanding of subjects including languages, Mathematics, Science and Social Science to enable students to communicate effectively, analyse information, take informed decisions, construct their worldview in alignment with constitutional values and move ahead in the direction of becoming productive citizens.

The recent focus of CBSE is on the development of 21st century skills in settings where each student feels independent, safe and comfortable with their learning.

The Board is also trying to align curriculum in a way so that children feel more connected to it and employ their learning in real life contexts. To achieve this aim, it is extremely important that children acquire adequate knowledge and skills in other core areas like Health and Physical Education, Life Skills, Values Education, Art Education, Work Education and other Co-Scholastic areas.

In operational sense, the secondary curriculum is learner-centered with school being a place where students would be acquiring various skills; building self-concept, sense of enterprise, aesthetic sensibilities and sportsmanship. Therefore, for the purpose of fostering core competencies in learners, this curriculum encompasses major learning areas, from scholastic and co scholastic point of view. The Board mandates that all schools must setup a School Curriculum Committee with teachers representing each areas. The School Curriculum Committee would define activities for pedagogical practices, evolve a plan of assessment and mechanism of feedback and reflection and ensure its implementation. The committee would also ensure that the textbooks/ reference materials are age appropriate, incorporate inclusive principles, are gender sensitive, have valid content and do not contain any material which may hurt the sentiments of any community. The committee then sends the list of books to the Principal to take action as per the Affiliation Byelaws, 2018.The committee would also ensure that the reference materials reflect conformity with the underlying principles of the Constitution of India and are compliant with NCF-2005.Issues of gender, social, cultural and regional disparities must be taken care of in the curriculum transaction.