Smart Class: The school has undertaken an increasing use of audio – visual teaching aids and a projector which teacher can use to supplement material provided in the text book. In this connection, the digital class rooms have been set up, which are run by Educomp Smart Classes enabling the students to have a better understanding and a clear conception in different subjects. These give the students a much wider perspective of the course and promote independent discussion. Value education is woven into the entire curriculum so that the process of teaching & learning acquires a new meaning and purpose. It intends to impart a fore of inspiration and new zest to the educational process.

Transport: Buses & Vans are provided by the school to facilitate easy conveyance at reasonable charges for picking the students from the different corners of the district.

The school, however, does not undertake to run buses in any of the narrower lanes and parents should not expect the buses to be routed entirely for individual convenience. Request for change in existing routes will be accepted only if feasible.

Awards: Awards are given to students for distinction in academics, games, sports and other curricular activities to inculcate a healthy spirit of completion.

Assessment & Evaluation: The school strictly follows the pattern of continuous comprehensive evaluation (CCE) which looks into the overall development of the child.

Co – Curricular Activities: To develop creativity aesthetic interest, attitudes and physical fitness of the child, extra – curricular activities like Elocution, Debate, spelling contest, quiz. Essay competition is organized time to time every year.

The academic calendar provided at the beginning of each session gives an account of all the activities, examinations and holidays throughout the academic year. For the all round development of students, the institute gives emphasis on co – curricular activities that are related to education and which supplement the same in an organized manner with an aim to bring out the potential of students in the various disciplines. With this view, we have provided facilities for art, painting, sketching, cartooning, Music, Dance and physical education as a compulsory part of the curriculum.