About Us

Pantocrator Academy an ideal institution was established in the year 1995 by a great educationist Mr. Ashok Kumar S/o – Late Mathura Prasad Chaudhary resident of Post office lane, Aghoria Bazar, Muzaffarpur, Bihar. Keeping in mind the upliftment of the nation by producing skilled and talented citizens to meet the present challenges of the world. His concept in short is revealed by the name of the institution “Pantocrator” which means “’Controller of the world.”

Later, with the aim to have global history in the field of education, it was first felt a need to be registered and controlled under a society. The society named Pantocrator educational development society was then formed by the same minded people headed by Mr. Mahendra Prasad Chaudhary under the secretary ship of Mr. Ashok Kumar.

The institution was then shifted to a lush green eco-friendly campus of about 4 acres at Turki, Chhajan Road, Kudhani, Muzaffarpur, to provide quality education to all the students, inspiring them to develop their abilities to the fullest and create outstanding professionals and creative citizens having the best traditions of composite Indian culture,high sense of patriotism and a spirit of dedication in their service to the nation through various cocurricular, extra – curricular, mental and physical activities.

The school has also a mission to create sportsman of National and international level with the help of specialized and trained physical teachers.