Physical Infrastructure

A school is actually a home away from home away from home for any student. During student life most to the waking hours of any student are spent at school, learning anything and everything in various dimensions from books teachers, peers and even school environs.

There is no denying how significant a school is in shaping up a school is in shaping up a student’s is personality and holistic learning process. Like an experienced teacher and teaching pedagogy play a critical role in shaping student’s academic lives, infrastructure is also vital. It creates a favorable environment for students’ holistic development. It’s a common knowledge that every parent wants to spend money where their kids feel safe and secure while learning and enjoying their student life.

They wish to ensure the schools have ample safety standards and facilities to make learning a joy.

There are studies suggesting students in schools with poor infrastructure can have lower score than those with access to better infrastructure facilities. This makes school infrastructure a key element in a child’s academic as well as holistic growth.

Besides, an overclouded classroom and stressful environment also affect students’ learning capabilities. That is why school teacher ratio is also a key parameter for parents before they admit their wards to any specific school.

Some of the key components which should feature in an ideal checklist while assessing any school infrastructure are as follows:

  • Spacious and well – ventilated classroom
  • Libraries
  • Playgrounds
  • Well – equipped labs
  • Facilities of study tables, furniture and basic utilities such as water, electricity etc.
  • Study halls
  • Games equipment
  • Assembly area.
  • Well – maintained sanitation facilities.



There is one site of our school with total area of 10927 square meters.


There is one playground at our school premises with total area of 9839 square meters with well equipped court (like – Cricket, Volleyball, football, Kho-Kho, Throw ball, Badminton etc.)


There is one building block with all well boundaries from all side.


There are total 49 rooms in which 31 classrooms with size 500 sq fit each including one activity room and one digital class which make learning process more effective.


A well – equipped library housing a wealth of useful books or informative and interesting facilities, coupled with a motivating or mood – lifting ambiance not only attracts students but also develops a liking to study. It encourages exploring interesting thing among students especially in their formative years where the curiosity to know is intense among curious minds of children. Like this we have a library of size 92.90 sq meters at our school premises that serve as holding interactive sessions students exchanging knowledge among students, thereby enhancing student’s writing and reading skill. We have 4200 books in the school library & 12 periodical, 3 dailies, 2500 reference books with well software.


A laboratory is always considered as a relevant and essential part so far as the teaching of science. Every school has laboratories where students can perform researches, experiments or even learn new things with the help of internet facility. This helps students to remember the studies in a better way by conducting their own experiments. It gives students first – hand experience and offers better opportunities for learning. A laboratory is not a contest whose object is to learn how to gain knowledge, how to observe and to learn the meaning of what happens.

So, we have 5 labs i.e. Physics lab, Chemistry, Biology, Composite science lab and Mathematics lab with size 55.74 sq meter each for overall development of students with all safety rules that students should not be allowed to touch any chemicals or lab equipments or no experiments be done in the absence of teachers and read the label carefully before using any chemical and wore safety goggles, lab coat and shoes in lab.


Computer lab is very important in every school to enhance scientific and technological research and invention capacity of students. So, we have big computer lab of size 55.74 sq meter with 25 computer systems which makes students interested and enthusiastic about technology and science.


We have 1 female rest room & 1 Male rest room at our school premises with one canteen for our teachers & students.


The importance of cleanliness in school is to provide a healthy and safe environment for students. There are many issues related to hygiene that students and school employees have to face every day. Germs and bacteria are a part of life. Especially when discussing about kids. Most of those can even harm them for commence well being of the school.

So, we have well maintained following facilities at our school which creates healthy and hygienic environment.

  • Well maintained toilets (8 for male and 8 for females)
  • 1 water purifiers.
  • Proper clinic facilities.


Keeping schools safe allows children to look forward to being in encouraging environment learning that promotes social and creative learning. When their basic safety needs aren’t met children are at risk for not feeling comfortable at school and may stop showing up, or they may remain an edge throughout the day.

Keeping all these things in mind we facilitate our school with following things:-

  • Proper installation of CCTV cameras in areas of security concern
  • Schools have strong rooms.
  • Proper installation of fire extinguishers.
  • Proper trained guard at school entrance gate.


For overall development of students games and sports are also necessary that is why we have well indoor games facilities music / dance facilities to keen the interest of students in music and dance & games.


School transportation contributes positively to reducing the traffic. With every student choosing buses for daily commute to school and a reduction in private vehicles creates a safe environment.Less number of cars on roads results in reducing pollution.

Keeping this in mind we have well transport facilities at our school. Total 3 buses owned by our school and 7 buses are hired by school